sclogoAfter spending two years to develop cutting edge care services based on Compassion, Client Rights, and Continuous Quality Improvement Systems, Golden Heart has become one of the fastest growing home care companies. Each Client has a personalized, detailed care plan that is developed not only to meet their needs and desires, but to proactively prevent additional illnesses and/or deter the progression of degenerative conditions. In other words, our primary objective is to empower our valued Clients to make good choices and to support them to enjoy the best quality of life possible. With new Clients and new licensed Caregivers coming into our “Family” every week, it has become essential that we manage our care services with a state-of-the-art software system that enables us to keep an effective vigil over the Golden Heart Family, 24/7. SmartCare is specifically designed to help us provide the best possible care to our clients. Golden Heart SmartCare stands for Scheduling, Management, Accounting & Resource Technology. In a nutshell…

  • The Client Management system enables us to establish a care plan for each individual with limitless options to set up services that are unique to Golden Heart and each Client.
  • The Scheduling System enables us to effectively manage the care schedules for unlimited Clients, keeping track of their preferred schedules, favorite Caregivers, and future appointments.
  • The Client Management and Scheduling Systems combined enable us to keep the communication channels open among Clients, Staff, and Management — even acute care facilities and medical practitioners if required.
  • External Log-In capability enables the Family of our Clients to visit the site and view the care plan and daily progress of their loved one. (This is done with Client’s permission.)
  • The Human Resource Management system enables us to keep track of the skills, licenses, education, and performance history of each valued staff member.
  • The Payroll System ensures accuracy and efficiency for processing payroll.
  • The Billing System ensures accuracy and efficiency for processing billing; it also provides a documented record of service for insurance and tax deduction purposes.
  • The Payroll and Billing Systems are both linked to a GPS tracking clock-in system which enables us to know exactly when each Caregiver arrives and departs their Client’s home. This is very effective for client safety, payroll processing, and accurate billing.
  • SMARTCare provides many other features that assist us in our management, networking, and strategic planning.
  • SMARTCare saves us immeasurable time that can be better spent on our valued Clients.
  • Most of all, it is a 24/7 communication system shared by Client/Family/Caregiver/Company and other relevant stakeholders – providing transparency which is the best possible safety network!
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