scanmed-iconscanmed-qrYou have a medical emergency. What happens when a first responder comes and has to transport you or a loved one to the hospital?  Will you be able to tell the emergency team all of your crucial medical information – your medications, your doctors’ contact details, what you’re allergic to? With patented technology from ScanMedQR you no longer have to remember your personal your vital statistics, all of your medications, your allergies, your doctors, your emergency contacts and much more. Your first responders, doctors, and nurses can simply scan the card in your wallet or key fob, read the QR code with a hand held device or smart phone and in an instant your entire file including your picture is legible and can be printed if necessary to transfer right into your chart. In the minutes after a fall, stroke or heart attack having this information at your fingertips can mean the difference in saving your life, or the life of your loved one. The information contained on the card and in the ScanMedQR system is secure and each person’s card has a unique QR code assigned to one individual. Additional cards can be ordered by family members if so desired. To arrange a consultation with a member of our management team, send us an email at