lifeline-iconphilips-lifeline What would you do if you are home alone, and you fall or experience the onset of a stroke or heart attack? Having a skilled Caregiver in your home can be a tremendous benefit to your overall safety and quality of living. But your safety will be greatly enhanced with home monitoring technologies that can provide peace of mind for those times when your Caregiver cannot be with you. Golden Heart Senior Care provides you the technology you need to be safe even when there is no one else around. We have partnered with Philips Lifeline, the inventor of the medical alert system. Lifeline is trusted by thousands of hospitals and is recommended by over 65,000 health care professionals. With the patented auto alert device that automatically detects a fall and calls for help, you can rest assured help will come even when you are alone. Remember, Golden Heart Senior Care is HIPAA-compliant and as our Client, all your information is appropriately safeguarded. 

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