photo (5)_Als road tripone of the unspoken travesties of the aging process is the loss that a frail senior feels when mental and/or physical decline creates a sense of dis-empowerment. Golden Heart Senior Care is passionate about filling the gap for your loved one!

Beginning with their Bill of Rights, we advocate for our Clients to ensure they have the right to make their own choices and to enjoy the optimum lifestyle possible. A few examples include:

Liaison with Medical Professionals

  • We are available to accompany your loved one to their medical appointments. Once there, we ensure that all questions (yours and theirs) get asked; give the practitioner a current update on their symptoms; advocate for them to ensure they receive proactive medical care; obtain medical reports to be passed on to you; and create an environment where they feel safe throughout the entire process.
  • If healthcare services are needed, we work with the RN’s, PT’s, etc., to ensure tour Plan of Care is consistent with theirs.
  • We work to ensure all medication prescriptions go through a pharmacist who pays close attention to contraindication issues.

Vendors, Contractors, and Solicitors

  • Ever aware of the potential for Elder Abuse, we keep a vigilant eye on all of our Clients and Partners.
  • Whenever we see any red flags we immediately address the issues with our Clients and/or their families.

Creative Socialization

Isolation can be a major deterrent to your loved one’s quality of life. In addition to lots of TLC and Companion Care, we proactively work with our Clients’ to enhance their social life. Some of the activities our Clients enjoy include:


  • Dinner Parties hosted in their own homes
  • Holiday and Birthday Celebrations – whether in their own homes, a trusted “Golden Heart” home, or at a favorite restaurant
  • Mixers – we bring compatible Clients together for special events or simply “dining out”
  • Companion Escort to senior centers, church services, social clubs, concerts, etc.
  • You think of it, and we’ll probably do it!